Dienstag, 24. April 2012

1.2.1 Patch Notes


1.2.1 Patch Notes


Classes and Combat

    Jedi Knight

      • Zen (with Ataru Form) now correctly reduces the global cooldown of Cyclone Slash.


      • Charged Burst's damage has been increased by approximately 5%.
      • Damage for Aimed Shot, Speed Shot, and Quickdraw has been increased by approximately 5%.
      • Sharpshooter
        • Trickshot's damage has been increased by approximately 5%.

    Imperial Agent

      • Snipe's damage has been increased by approximately 5%.
      • Damage for Ambush, Series of Shots, and Takedown has been increased by approximately 5%.
      • Followthrough's damage has been increased by approximately 5%.


        • Havoc Rounds now applies the correct healing increase to Kolto Bomb. It previously applied a smaller increase than intended.

Companion Characters


    • Companion quickslots now update correctly when a new companion is summoned, correcting an issue that could cause the previous companion's abilities to continue displaying on the new companion's hotbar.

Flashpoints and Operations


      Lost Island
      • Resolved an issue that could cause Doctor Lorrick's lab door to become stuck while closed when the fight was not active.
      • Players now appear on Project Sav'Rak's platform after the encounter. This addresses an issue that could prevent players from completing the Flashpoint if all group members exited the area before using the bridge controls.


      Explosive Conflict
      • The range of Stormcaller's Electric Discharge and Firebrand's Missile Barrage has been increased to 35 meters.
      • A total of 4 mines must now be successfully defused in order to complete the minefield encounter.
      • Chests in Hard Mode no longer drop Black Hole gear.



    • The cost for PvP consumables has been reduced to 10 commendations.
    • Corrected an issue that prevented item rolling prompts from appearing for Custom (orange) items.
    • The cost for Rated War Hero PvP gear has been reduced. This does not impact the time required to obtain base War Hero gear.


  • The Rocket Boost ability can now be used inside and isn't restricted by areas that do not permit vehicles. It cannot be used in combat or in Warzones.



      Alderaan Civil War
      • Players can no longer be knocked off of speeders while traveling to the battlefield.
      • Players no longer earn defender credit for defending a previously destroyed objective.

Space Combat

  • Corrected an issue that could cause Space Combat audio to fade out or pan inappropriately from the left to right speaker.
  • Drexel Sweep: Corrected an issue that caused the first several enemies ships to disappear upon loading into this mission.
  • Makem Te Assault: An issue that could cause the Smuggler player ship to clip through enemies at the beginning of this mission has been corrected.



    • Helmets now work correctly when unifying colors on the character sheet.
    • An issue that caused stackable items to display incorrect stack numbers when replaced on the hotbar with another stackable item has been corrected.
    • The dialog for setting keybindings is now canceled properly if the player presses the "X" button to close it.
    • Corrected an issue that prevented the mail window from opening after refreshing the UI with the mail window open.
    • The World Map will now properly update as missions complete and/or progress.
    • Corrected an issue that sometimes prevented "new mail" notifications from functioning.

    Character Creation

    • During character creation, Legacy Cyborg appearance options are now labeled.
    • The display of selected options in character creation has been improved.

    Groups and Targeting

    • Group frames now appear correctly when the option "Use Operation Frames as Group Frames" is toggled off.


    • Corrected an issue that could cause insufficient Guild Bank funds for repairs or respecs to appear even if sufficient credits were available.
    • Players will no longer become "stuck" and unable to receive a guild invite if they were sent an invite just before entering a cinematic or while the loading screen is present.


    • Corrected an issue that prevented players from adding offline players to their friends list.
    • Players now correctly see a red phase gate (and are appropriately blocked from entering) if they are not permitted to join a group member's class phase.
    • Chat tabs now preserve the selected font size if they are detached from the main chat window.
    • The list in /who now automatically updates when the window is opened with the /who command.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • An issue that prevented players from logging out of the game if the ESC button was used to close the logout window has been addressed.
  • Corrected a sound issue that caused a loud, unintended sound on the Republic and Imperial Fleets (and potentially other areas with many characters present).
  • Corrected some issues with French and German in-game text/dialogue.
  • Corrected an issue that could cause characters in cinematics to appear grey in color.
  • Objects that can be interacted with will no longer stop glowing if players get too far away from them and then return..

PvP Event 23.04.2012

Endlich mal wieder ein kleines Update !

Nachdem ich permanentes PvP Gefarme tatsächlich das neue PvP Set komplett habe, bezüglich der Set-Teile (fehlen Schuhe, hab ich morgen), gibt es ein kleines Update auf dem Darth Traya Server. Da ich leider durch berufliche Änderungen nicht an den PvP Event komplett teil nehmen konnte, werde ich Updates nach und nach hier reinposten. Das Finale konnte ich zum Glück noch aufnehmen und bin dort fleißig am um codieren über Nacht. Ich kann nicht garantieren das es morgen hochgeladen verfügbar ist, werde dennoch mir mühe geben dies bis morgen zu schaffen.

Der Gildenkolleriker, der Gilde Diamond Pirates hat natürlich, wie man sein Chatgespamme ausgehen konnte möglichst schnell Ergebnisse auf der Webseite veröffentlicht.


Direkter Link

Freitag, 13. April 2012

Server down again ? and u´re bored ?

Ich selber empfinde es als Befriedigung das Rumgeheule in den Foren zu verfolgen, genau so die Diskusion über den "freien Monat" für alle die, die schon lvl 50 haben.

Wer langeweile hat bis 1:00am:

mein Thread

Mimimi, die länger dabei sind bekommen was und ich nicht.

mimimi start Thread 1

mimimi folge Thread 2

mimibla folge 3 

nur noch bla 4

Nunja, ich lese schnell. Aber wenn ich eine Seite durch bin, sind 3 neue da.

Das geheule ist groß. Daher habe ich keine Mühen gescheut mich für Bio-Stern einzusetzen und eine kleine mini Kamanie gestartet. "We´re sorry".

Server down ? We´re Sorry

Für die anderen noch ein wenig "Drama"

Donnerstag, 12. April 2012

Das E-Penis Meter is Online

Pünklich zum Release 1.2 (Heute ist es endlich soweit) erscheint im ACT Forum die erste Funktionierende Version die ich finden konnte.

Das Plug-In gibs hier.

Und das Hauptprogramm auf der ACT Seite hier.

Ich selber empfele noch zu warten, denn diese Programme sind alle in der probier Phase und noch ungenau.
Wer also verfrüht umskillt aufgrund der Auswertungen die dieses Programm auswirft, den habe ich gewarnt =)

Hier ist noch ein anderer Parser, ausprobieren werd ich sie erst wenn Server wieder on ist.

Montag, 9. April 2012

Minipatch zu 1.2

Es gibt ein kleines Update auf dem Testserver, da ich derzeit verreist bin fasse ich mich kurz und Poste die Patchnotes.
Achja, es reicht jetzt mit nem Twink Rüstungsschmied zu sein, denn die Orangenen PvP-Sets sind nuh Bind on Equip.

Classes and Combat

Imperial Agent
  • Adrenaline Probe's sound effect no longer repeats itself.

Crew Skills

Crafting Skills
  • Crafted PvP (Battlemaster, War Hero, and Rated War Hero) gear now correctly binds on equip (instead of on pickup).

Flashpoints and Operations


Eternity Vault
  • Cover classes can now take cover on platforms when fighting Gharj.
  • The reliability of Soa's Ball Lightnings has been improved, and an issue that could cause them to deal damage twice has been addressed.

Explosive Conflict
  • Turrets at the start of the minefield no longer deal damage outside of their intended range.
  • Kephess' Savage Wound debuff now has a tooltip.


  • Three mainhand War Hero weapons that required offhand weapons for purchase now correctly require the appropriate mainhand weapon.

  • Items to purchase with Unassembled Rakata Implants have been added to the Rakata vendors on the Fleets.

  • The Operations Training dummy no longer spawns the Warzone Training Dummy.


  • A button that appeared erroneously in the Warzone queuing UI has been removed.
  • Warzones no longer end early due to differing team populations.
  • Corrected an issue that could prevent players from being added to the Operation Group in Warzones.


Alderaan Civil War
  • The speeder bikes that transport players to the East and West turrets have been resinstated.
Novare Coast
  • Players now receive an appropriate message when they defend an objective.
  • Defending the East turret now grants objective points.

Space Combat

  • Corrected an issue that prevented non-repeatable Space Combat Missions from awarding Fleet Commendations.

  • Adding a level range argument to the /who command now correctly returns filtered results.
  • Corrected the icons for Imperial Agent Advanced Class selection.

Guild Bank
  • The record of Guild Bank activity is now maintained in the ledger for players that have left the guild.
  • Leaving and re-joining a guild no longer resets weekly Guild Bank limits.

Groups and Targeting
  • The Assassin and Sorcerer class icons are now associated with the correct Advanced Class.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes
  • Some minor text and localization errors have been corrected.
  • An issue that prevented players from modifying equipped companion gear has been addressed.
  • Corrected an issue that caused area loot and autoloot options to occasionally cease functioning upon area transition.
Quelle Testserver Forum: *click*

Freitag, 6. April 2012

Space Missions = Bullshit ? und was ist mit der Gildenbank ? Und Fahrzeug Archivement System ? 0o


Denn mit 1.2 köbnnt ihr via Space Missionen euch eure "Tiert 7+8" Crafting Mats holen, die ihr sonst nur in den Raids erstehen könnt.

Zudem hat dulfy ebenfalls ein Update bezüglich des PvP Craftings gemacht, aber seht selbst.

Quelle: Hier